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Corrugated Roof Sheets: The Best Roofing Materail For Your Home

Most individual believe that iron roofing panels are the only solution to their roofing problems but I beg to differ. Long are gone the time when iron was the real deal. Corrugated plastic roofing panels are the best thing that has ever happen to homeowner and any individual who aspire to have his or her own house. This article will give you all that you need to know about corrugated roof sheets. Sit back, read, enjoy and most important learn.

Corrugated Roof Sheets

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for corrugated clear roof sheeting instead of other types of roofing sheets. The following are some important facts that make it the people’s choice.

It has a better optical property

There is no other roofing sheet which will guarantee you a more sustainable property like the corrugated plastic sheet. This can only be achieved by using a well grafted semi translucent corrugated plastic roof sheets to give a skylight. This will save you some bucks because you will cease to turn on electricity in the daytime. The material will allow enough light in during the day this is one of the best things about clear roof sheeting.

Low maintenance cost

The corrugated plastic roofing sheets are very easy to clean this can keep the corrugated plastic roof sheets spotless. Though, you have to use the required cleaning agents that recommended by the sheet manufacturers. Plus, they are prone to scratches. This will require you to use a soft and tender cloth which will leave no scratch on the roof surface. You need not to invest in any expensive and heavy pressure washing machine, a simple garden hose will do.

The corrugated roofing sheets are durable

Most of the corrugated plastic sheets which are recommended for the construction industry are always coated with ant- scratching coat and an ultraviolet protection. These properties will always ensure that you clear plastic roof sheeting remain intact for a long period even if it is exposed to an adverse environmental condition.

Cost effective

Economically, the corrugated plastic roofing sheets are the best for long term and short term investment. This is one of the many reasons why most of the property owners have resorted for this type of corrugated plastic roof sheet. The installation process is very simple. This will help you to cut labor cost which in turn translates to affordable investment cost.

Corrugated Roof Sheets

It has a splash of color

These corrugated plastic sheets come in a range of shades which will definitely transform your home. There is nothing amazing as deviating from the old traditional brows. These roofing shades are vivid which make them more appealing.

Tips on how to install corrugated plastic sheets

Corrugated clear roof sheeting is a very great way to top your garden shed, patio or shop. It is easy, quick and you can definitely install it yourself. All that you need are basic tools and some materials, follow these steps.

Cut the panel

You can use a jigsaw or a circular saw with a metallic blade.

• Most of the panels are 9.8m long. Allow a minimum of 45.7cm if you want to complete a lap.
• Pre- drill the holes on the panel ridges
Use a 4.75ml drill bit. Spacing for the panel holes on the sheet ends and all the sides should be about 7 to inches.

Install the sheets

Ensure that you place them directly onto the purlins which are attached on the roof trusses but make sure that you beginning from the outside edge.
Ensure that you seal off the panel end with a plastic strip. This will prevent rain, pest or wind from entering the house.

Ensure that you screw the panel down

Pre drill the holes, and ensure that you use a 10x2inch screw with a polycarbonate washer.
Make sure that you continue across your roof until you have completely covered it, make sure that the panel over laps over your roofs previous panel by 2.5inches.
You can adjust the roof lap so that your panel completes the roof coverage without cutting the length of the sheet.

Ensure that you complete the other side

If it happens that your roof is a 2 sided, ensure that you repeat the installation on roofs other side, and then install your corrugated ridge cap as you continue with the panel.


with the above information you will be able choose and install the best corrugated plastic roof that you want. just ensure that you know what you want for you home.