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Plastic Roof Price

Polymer or plastic roofing shingles are a good quality roofing material with good durability, low price and attractive appearance. Its main use is the roofing installation of auxiliary building constructions, warehouses, industrial buildings and porch visors. Conventional asbestos slates that were previously used for this purpose are now increasingly replaced by plastic shingles. Usage of this new lightweight material not only simplifies the roof construction but is also profitable from an economic point of view.


One of the main advantages, which plastic slates possess, is their light weight. This greatly facilitates the installation works. Unlike asbestos cement shingles, plastic sheets are attached not to the crest of the wave but to the cavity. They are fastened to a wooden crate with the help of screws. The variety of colors allows you to create different colors of the roofing. They are also produced as transparent sheets. The ease of processing allows you to give plastic slates the most diverse forms, which simultaneously allows you to create pretty original designs. The standard sheet size is 2000x900 mm. The number of the waves for such sizes is 11 and the weight is 2.2 kg. Besides all the positive qualities, the customers are the most attracted by the low price of plastic shingles. These low prices are determined by low prices of the feedstock – polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as high-performance of the equipment needed for its production.


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The Cost of Plastic Roofing Sheets

The cost of a standard sized sheet usually ranges from S4-6 per square meter. Such issues as the selling price of the plastic roofing manufacturer, the margin of the trading company and fare also have an impact on the value. There is also a significant regional difference in cost.

The price of plastic roofing sheets depends on the presence and the number of producers, as well as on the competition between them. The volume of the purchased plastic sheets also affects the price. The discounts offered by commercial companies can reach 10-15%, depending on the number of the sheets purchased. There are seasonal sales, particularly in winter this material can be obtained by almost 20% cheaper compared to the spring and summer seasons.

There are numerous plastic roofing manufacturers that provide an endless panorama of roofing panels with an extensive range of insulated sheets. You can also purchase polycarbonate sheets, which are available in standard as well as in customized forms. The long lasting usage is ensured by a range, which was developed with sophisticated techniques at vendors of different manufacturers in order to ensure the roofing materials' durability.   

Among many roofing materials you can buy today transparent roofing sheets definitely stand out. The use of transparent roofing slates makes it possible to only to create an unusual roofing design but also to give it a light and airy feel. Among many positive qualities of transparent plastic sheets there are strength, lightness, water resistance and a reasonable price. The combination of these factor is a strong reason and motivation for those who are pondering upon which roofing material to choose for a safe, effective and spectacular roof. The standard sheet size is 2x0,9 meters, the thickness varies from 3 to 1,65 mm. The cost is not only affected by the thickness and the size of the sheet, other factors should also be taken into consideration.


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