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Plastic Roofing Shingles

plastic roofing shinglesDue to the fact that plastic roofing shingles are available in a rich color palette, it is possible to create a roof, which harmoniously blends in with the surrounding landscape. Besides, the smooth surface of slates does not allow different types of garbage to settle on the surface, and therefore, they do not require any special care. The resistant paint used in the slate manufacturing does not fade over time and the roof always retains its attractive appearance.


Varieties of Plastic Roof Shingles

This new roofing material is ideal for the installation of the ancillary buildings, gazebos, sheds, patios and porches. Due to its ductility and a large section of color range, as well as the configuration of the sheet any roof can become an original design among the overall of suburban area buildings.

The plastic slate shingles can be divided into flat, trapezoidal and corrugated; normal and reinforced (where thin fiberglass reinforces the whole structure) according to the internal structure. The fiberglass adds the required mechanical strength to the slates and the main plastic material – the bending workability.  

Transparent plastic roof shingles with fiberglass reinforcement are used not only in private constructions, they have also been successfully used in industry for plant and warehouse roofing installation. The ability to select a specific color of the slates gives you an opportunity to diversify the appearance of the building. The installation of plastic slates is so simple that a homeowner can handle it and simultaneously save up a decent amount of money and acquire specific skills.

Plastic roofing slates are one of the most popular roofing material, which has excellent technical specifications and many advantages over the classical asbestos shingles. In general, it is used for individual constructions in order to increase the lighting area of the house.

Plastic slate shingles consist out of polymer that is reinforced with fiberglass. This results in a material, which is resistant to diverse temperature changes. It is produced in the form of sheets, the width of which is about 1-2 meters. Plastic roof shingles have a long life service that almost reaches 50 years. It perfectly resists ultraviolet radiation. This roofing material has long life service and reliability and can be used for other purposes. Transparent PVC slates are able to withstand even heavy hail and gale-force winds. Small white spots that appear on the surface of the roofing as a result of hail do not affect its protective properties. This is a conventional material made out of asbestos and coated with polymeric coating. The coating retains all the properties of a usual slate but is more long lasting and durable.

plastic shingles

The cost of such modern roofing material is a little higher than the cost of usual conventional slates. However, its performance characteristics are better and the appearance is more attractive.

Transparent slates even in extreme situations are not harmful to the human health, because they do not emit any harmful substances. It simple cannot be lit and just changes shape when exposed to high temperatures, gives and outlet for the smoke and thereby does not create an unfavorable environment for humans.

After being exposed to sunlight, heat, cold, rain, hail, wind, snow and sleet conventional asbestos shingle serve about 20 years the most. Most home owners over time will have to replace their roofing, so why not replace conventional asphalt shingles with recycled plastic roofing shingles, which are eco friendly and would probably be the best option for your home design, local building code and price range.   


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