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Lightweight Plastic Roof Tiles

Plastic roof tiles are an inexpensive, high quality and practical material. Plastic panels are made by extrusion of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), followed by application of the decorative pattern with a special printing method and a protective layer of glossy or matte varnish, which give the panels wear resistance, anti-static qualities, UV-resistance and also high resistance to physical impact.

Plastic roofing tiles light weight

By using plastic slate roof tiles as a finishing material you can manage to carry out a quick, clean and high-quality repair. Plastic panels are also installed on walls and ceilings in wet areas (because they are 100% resistant to water), on balconies as a frost resistant material, in living rooms, kitchens, utility rooms as PVC panels are easy to clean.

The lightweight plastic roof tiles are cheaper than usual asbestos slates; their second advantage is their light weight that allows you to save up on the truss system since it doesn’t require the construction of durable structures with a large margin of safety. In turn, a lightweight truss system makes it possible to make the walls and foundation lighter.

Here are some basic advantages of installing plastic roof tiles:

  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Strength, resistance to adverse environmental effects
  • Ductility and flexibility, which allow using them on roofs of a complex configuration
  • Ability to withstand temperature drops from +60 C to – 50 C
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Environmental friendliness. Recycled plastic roof tiles can be used as a perfect substitute of traditional materials because they are easy to use, low maintenance, do not rot, are recyclable, which makes them a perfect eco-friendly material. Fully recycled industrial plastic products are extremely safe, have a very long service life, do not require any maintenance and are environmentally friendly.
  • Good sound insulation
  • Moisture resistance
  • Easy in processing
  • High light transmission capacity
  • Durability
  • Attractive appearance

The disadvantages of this material can be attributed to certain brittleness when compared to other roofing materials.

Distinctive Features of Plastic Roof Shingles

PVC sheets are environmentally friendly as they are made out of food graded plastic unlike asbestos cement shingles where asbestos fiber is present in the composition, which in contact with the human body causes various diseases. In case the fire starts it will not burn the plastic sheet itself but the shingle can melt and thereby lose its shape and attractive appearance. Sufficient strength and ductility allows the roof to live a long service life.  

If certain rules are followed, the installation of plastic slate shingles will not cause much difficulty compared to other roofing materials due to their small weight. The ease of processing eliminates the use of sophisticated equipment, plastic sheets can be cut using any hand tools. Light transmission of these plastic sheets  cannot be compared with polycarbonate or glass, though a certain amount of sunlight is still able to pass, therefore, plastic shingles are also advantageous in terms of energy savings.

Plastic is known for tolerating the contact with various chemicals, without using its properties. Plastic proofing panels also cope with environmental factors like acid rain and other precipitation. Despite the fact that this new roofing material is made of plastic, the roof made of it perfectly resists snow and wind loads, summer heat and sever cold.

plastic shingles cover


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